About Your Guide:

    Over the years I've had the privilege to work hand in hand with several companies. I 've had the privilege to field test for Zebco/Quantum, be on the M.S. Slammer Prostaff, and write a bi-weekly outdoors column for the Tryon Daily bulletin.

Currently  I am a part of the Captain/guide program with Okuma. My Okuma spinning reels handle the bulk of my fishing trips and they have excelled at it.

I am also on the Costa Prostaff. Costa sunglasses are as good as it gets. I wear them daily fishing or not.

I regularly give fishing reports for the SCDNR, and have been apart of several articles in the SC Sportsman magazine.

A couple of the coolest experiences I've had was: A 3 day video shoot for Huk Performance Fishing Apparel! And I got to help the video crew film Ott Defoe for 2 days on lake Lure! Combining 2 of my loves, fishing and Photography/Videography!


About Your Guide / After Hours:

    My name is Rob McComas. I have lived in the Lake Lure area for nearly 45 years, and have been fishing for most of that time. I started guiding in 2002, and take each trip out myself.

    Serving the Lord is at the center of my families life, and family is very important to me, these are the reasons I don't guide on Sundays, and evenings.

    I really enjoy the outdoors, fishing is tops, followed closely by photography, hiking, and exploration. I like to fish for "almost anything that swims". From small Bluegill and tiny wild mountain Trout, all the way up to the toothy Muskie. Hiking to Western North Carolina's nearly 1000 waterfalls and countless mountain overlooks is something very special. It's's a great place to call home.

    I've owned my own construction business since 1995. Guiding tends to be seasonal so I fill in with the hammer, but I am available to guide year round.

    And I'd like to say that, while the criticism seems never ending, I am glad to call the U.S.A. home.  It's a great place to live, and thank you to the men and women who have served, and died protecting this great country.