Frequently asked questions:

Q - Do I need a fishing license?

A - Yes for anyone 16 or older. An inland NC fishing license for Lake Lure trips and Green river trips, and a SC freshwater AND an inland NC fishing license for Lake Jocassee trips.

Q - Can I keep the fish I catch?

A - Mostly no. I don't allow any Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass or White Bass to be kept. People can keep a few (5 or less) Crappie, Yellow Perch or Bluegill. No trout may be kept while fishing the delayed harvest section of the Green River. I do not clean the fish.

Q - How and when do I pay?

A - I take cash and credit card payments.  A $50 deposit plus tax is required to book the trip. The remainder is paid in the day of.  There is no deposit refund if cancelled by you. Late arrival does not change the start time, I wait up to 30 minutes after start time for your arrival, the trip is then considered cancelled. If a trip is cancelled by me for unusual circumstances ( sickness, mechanical issues etc.) you receive a full refund.

Q - What is the average size of the fish?

A - Lake Lure:  Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass 12"-14", Crappie 10"-14", White Bass 10"-18", Yellow Perch 8"-12", Sunfish less than 8". Lake Jocassee: Largemouth Bass 3 lb- 8 lb. Smallmouth Bass 12"-18". Spotted Bass 12"-18".  ** These are averages, smaller or much bigger fish may be caught certain times of the year.

Q what about bad weather?

A - I fish rain or shine, cold or hot. The only cause for a weather cancellation is thunderstorms (this is a lake law and common sense), or very high winds.  I pro rate my trips on Lake Lure for weather cancellations: 1st hour $100.00, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th hour $50 each, $40 for each hour after that. No pro rates on Lake Jocassee trips.

Q - Do you offer shorter or longer trips?

A -  Yes. on lake Lure only. A 2 hour trip or less is $175.00 plus tax.  I do these sometimes for very young children, this must be discussed in advance of a trip, you cannot decide to cut a trip short, if you do the full price is due. Trips may be extended past 4 hours, by the hour, at $40 an hour. 

Q - Am I guaranteed to catch fish?

A - No. There are way too many variables beyond my control. The angler's lack of skill or lack of listening, weather factors such as wind direction, moon phases, lake cycles, muddy water etc. I do put a lot of effort into getting my clients to catch fish, and more often than not we do, but I also like to be strait forward with them.